A Game for the Entire Family is written by Judoon_Warrior


  • A Family is visited by a group of gods who have decided to use them as their peices in the Chess game of the gods. They are separated from each other and all changed into different species. They now have to brave canibal gnolls, diamond dog slavers, racist ponys and a member of the canterlot noblity that wants to see all their heads on his wall. The journey won't be easy but they have to try if they want to see each other again.
  • Its canon status is unsorted

Main CharactersEdit

  • Chess Master
    • Thor
    • Aphrodite
    • Quetzalcoatl
  • Protagonist aka Hero
    • Tim the Rhinotaur
    • Alex the Redacted
    • Sam the Redacted
  • Sidekick(s)
    • Zafira the Zebra (Traveling with Tim)
    • Katrina (Kat) the Bast (Traveling with Alex)
    • he Bast (Traveling with Alex)
    • Brute Strength the Minotaur (Traveling with Sam)
  • Antagonist(s) aka Villain(s)
    • Lord Redacted


The story starts with Alex and Sam going over to Tim's house for their weekly family game night. During the games three strangers come to the door. They take control of their bodies and start analysisingthem. They then reveal themselves to be Thor, Quetzalcoatl and Aphrodite and send them into the game.

Tim wakes up in a Savannah that he learns is on one of the Zebrican islands from Thor. He sees that he has been transformed into some anthropamorphic rhino which Thor calls a Rhinotaur. Angered Tim attacks Thor to get answers. Thor explains that him and the others were not allowed to send them to Equis at the same location but they have organized for them to meet up in Ponyville.

Tim is given the gift of an magic battle axe to aid him in his dangerous journey. After being given it Thor leaves leaving Tim alone. He takes a couple of steps to start his journey but is then knocked out by a rock

To be continued....


  • Canon
  • Non-canon