A Marty Stu Invades the Multiverse (Chess Game of the Gods) is written by Keairan This story is canon to the Chess Game


Main CharactersEdit

  • Martin Stewart (aka, Marty Stu): A human who has been bouncing around the multiverse for what seems to him the last thirty-two millenia, living, learning, loving, and kicking ass with his ability to channel. Marty has a darker side, one that he fully acknowledges, and hates.
  • Violet Melody: An earth pony mare who is a violinist extraordinaire, decent cook, and until recently, slave. She is a sweet snarker, capable of delivering the sharp side of her tongue at will. She seems to be interested in Marty, b

But there are intervening problems.

  • Oponn: The Twin Jesters of Chance from the world only known as Burn. Their interest in the game, and in Marty, is not fully known.
  • Steel Link: Marty's Boss at the forge, an older minotaur.
  • Charcoal Briquette: Unicorn mare, Gunter Wheel's wife and Emerald Joy's mother
  • Gunter Wheel: Earth Pony stallion, Charcoal Briquette's husband and Emerald Joy's father.
  • Emerald Joy: Earth Pony filly

Plot SummaryEdit

Marty wakes up in the middle of a vast plain near a stream. He doesn't necessarily know where he is till the constellations unique to Equis come out that evening. The next day, he rescues Violet Melody and twenty-nine other ponies from a band of diamond dog slavers, which he kills. The ponies all run off, save for Violet, who is too injured to run. Marty heals her, save for her injured leg, which they go to the nearest town of Hoofington to fix.

While in Hoofington, Marty runs into Charcoal Briquette, Emerald Joy, and Gunter Wheel in his efforts to get various supplies. Marty finishes healing Violet, and they make their way to Violet's hometown of Coltogne. While there, Marty finds a job working for Steel Link, the local blacksmith minotaur.

A few days after they arrive, an agent of the crown, Dr. Missy, (Links to m'You've got) arrives to interview Marty and Violet. Missy offers Marty a job in helping to curb the rising slaver population, and return the missing to their homes. Fallout from this job offer is that Marty finds out about the one who brought him to this world, Oponn, and that Violet ends up asking Marty about a delicate portion of his past. Marty goes off, and finds out about a possible lead.

When he can, Marty follows the lead to Mustang, a city with a poor reputation. While there, he meets Ivan Marks, a zebra with a spider in his head. Marty introduces Ivan to Missy to extend the network, and then Marty goes after a band of bandits who annihilated a trader's caravan. After destroying the bandits, Marty finally returns home.