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Advent of Victory is a story written for the Chess Game of the Gods universe by Dyon . The story is currently listed as UNSORTED.


The protagonist of Advent of Victory is Vixen . Vixen was brought into the universe through a dream, and was never really given a choice on whether to join or not. She doesnt really understand the rules of the game or the end goal so she keeps her anonymity and stays on the lookout for other pieces. She hopes to find a way back to her home, and will do anything to meet this goal.


When Vixen first arrived in Equestria she was immediatly captured by a group of Diamond Dogs. She killed the leader of the pack and freed the other captive that they were taking back to thier den, Deciduous. After hearing Deciduous' story she agreed to escort him back to the home that he had run away from.

Along the way she ran into a group of traders and fended off a giant snake where she first discovered her ability to manipulate time energy. She is currently experimenting with this ability as she heads towards the small town of Rubyton where she hopes ot catch a train to Las Pegasus so that Deciduous can get home safely.