Arcanite is a metal.


Arcanite is incredibly strong. A diamond dog can't even scratch it. Once it has completely cooled off from its forging, it will retain shape indefinitely. It will never break, it will never dull. It is incredibly resistant to magic.

It looks like chromed steel if it was fused with crushed micah, or a fusion of metal and crystal.

How to MakeEdit

Arcanite must be magically separated from ore or magma containing Arcanite.

To work with Arcanite for smithing you must use an Arcanite Hammer, which is specially designed to work Arcanite.

One of the few remaining forgers and crafters of Arcanite is Princess Luna in her Lunar Forge.

Usage in UniverseEdit

Echo's spearhead

Ace's horn knife (partial blend of arcanite and bone)

The Ragnarok's mobile blade[alloy of Arcanite and Magicite]