Broken Howls and Tattered Leaves is by Chewed Pencil

Canon Status: Deutrocanon

This story details the experiences of Derek, a human brought to Equestria by a god named Deceit.
Upon arriving as a timberwolf, Derek found himself in the Southern Rainforest, near Gaia's Navel. Through a series of events happening within a few weeks during which Twigleaf ran into a talking parakeet named Keet, Twigleaf, as he named himself to other timberwolves, had his contract (see The "Chess" Game) with Deceit accidentally severed after Terra gave him new life through an acorn growing on her tree, making him her piece in the chess game.

Main CharactersEdit


A number of days after Twigleaf was chosen by the seed of life, Twigleaf left the rainforest, encountering Roseluck. They traveled together and arrived in Stalliongrad. At current in the story, Twigleaf has begin kidnapped after a night of drinking and is being drugged for use as a gladitorial opponent in an underground fighting ring. Roseluck and Keet are attempting a plan to rescue him.