Bronze Hoof Cover
Bronze Hoof is a story written by cowboybird. It follows Dan, a cowboy living in Colorado, US as he is transported to Equis and transformed into a Minatour by Montue.


Dan was a cowboy living in Colorado, US when a stranger came and sent him to a whole new world. 

Awakening as a minotaur, and taking on the persona "Bronze Hoof," Dan is hell-bent on staking out his claim in this crazy new world.


Bronze Hoof (Dan) - Human turned minotaur. Has great strength and an even stronger heart.

Gear Head - Young unicorn living in New Findings with his mother. Brilliant with science and magic, but lacking in physical strength.

Quick Beak - A fully grown griffin with a penchant for violence. Orphaned at a young age, Quick learned early on that only the strong survive.

Toni the Pony - Crazy pony that believes she's a dragon. Along with her pet turtle, Death Bringer, Toni brings joy and laughter to even the most dire of times.