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Before Tirek

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After Tirek

Bits of HistoryEdit

Once, long ago, known as Dream Valley, home of the Flutterponies and the cradle of life, the Changeling Wasteland is, as of right now, the second most inhospitable location on Equis, outdone only by the Cursed Salt Plains in the deep south.

It's home to the Old Kingdom, where the three tribes lived before the Windigoes unleashed their hellish blizzard, which is now serving residence for Queen Pandora the Healer, the elder sister of Queen Chrysalis the Destroyer, and her 'Pandoran'[white] changelings.  

Further south, closer to Equestria, are more numerous settlements, such as the tiny village of Oasis, last bastion of Equestrian life in the Wastelands, and the dreaded Great Battlefield, the site of the last stand against Tirek before he was slain by the Rainbow of Light.

Among the locations is what's commonly called 'The Prime Hive', the changeling's capital city of Volonia, where Queen Chrysalis resides.

Known factsEdit

Contrary to popular belief, changelings are not 'rare', merely skilled at hiding.  Even a city as immensely massive as Volonia, which according to some Pieces, is as big as the island of Manhattan, is only barely visible on the surface, with only a small scouting tower serving as a signal to irs location.  Many other, smaller cities don't even have that much.  The reason is, with the exception fo Pandora's home, ALL changeling cities are built underground, as much to hide from the airborn predators such as the massive Zuu, as to hide from the blistering heat of the sun and the biting sand-filled winds.

Volonia's main attraction to non-changelings isn't the residence of Queen Chrysalis, though thesight of her palace hanging like a chandaleir is an awe-inspiring sight, but rather it is the colleseum, where professional gladiators duke it out for the masses, and any brave soul withing to earn some quick bits is free to leap into the fray.

The main purpose of the colleseum, however, is for what's known as 'The General's Game', where changelings and anyone foolish enough to think themselves worthy may compete in a gruelling three-day-long, non-stop battle royale against one another, with the last warrior conscious earning the title of High-General.  Though this only happens if the previous High-General dies or retires.