Dark Body, Light Soul (Or the Tale of the Stalfos) is by Garino.
Cover art DBLS

Current Cover Art for Dark Body, Light Soul

Our hero is a gamer, who has awoken on our favorite planet full of ponies, gryphons, and other lovely creatures. However, he's not in the area he wished to start, it's not the body he believed he would obtain, and he certainly didn't ask for the current situation.

Taking on the name of a hero, he hopes to rally the forces against those who would eliminate the undead and show they are citizens. Adventure awaits in the four corners, and he wishes to deliver a message to the living: Light doesn't mean it's good, and Dark doesn't mean it's evil. Only time will tell if he's successful.

Main Theme: Three Minutes Clapping by J.D. Camaro

Main CharactersEdit

  • Daniel Fortesque: The main character of the story, not to be confused with Medievil's Sir Daniel Fortescue. His Real Name is Al.
  • Jack: A zombified Diamond Dog, who forged Daniel's sword. Also has experience in espionage.
  • Wisp: Ghost pegasus in Daniel's group. His mace is enchanted to push away enemies, usually through a shockwave.
  • Melody: Ghost Earth Pony, the first to join Daniel's group. 
  • Shiira: A vampiric pegasus that joins Daniel after Necro City. She defeated Daniel in the city's tournament.
  • Dracula: Vampire unicorn with vast power. As a pony, his power is limited, but he can remove this limit for half an hour daily.
  • Morva: A lizard man (true species name unknown) that joined the team. The only member of the group that is still alive.
  • Marcy: A zombie gryphon with a specialty in alchemy. Is in love with Daniel, though it's uncertain if he returns those feelings.

Main Villains

  • King Highland: A Griffin King who rules over Necro city and wants Daniel out of his life for good.