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Demons are chaotic creatures meant to cause havoc. While some take on a spiritual form in order to possess others, some have been known to take a physical form.

These creatures have not been fully categorized for they have been seen as creations of Discord. Some gods and goddesses have taken to creating these creatures as their pets.

There is a theory that these creatures may also have been created to curb society from chaotic ways in order to prevent the second third coming of Discord. Another theory that has appeared is that these creatures are sentient beings too, and that they were created to be accepted as one in society.

List of DemonsEdit

Anung Un RamaEdit

The Anung Un Rama is an extremely rare demon only seen once during the Discordian Era. Discord is recorded as creating him with the intent of him being a "Emergency Oh S%$T Fallback Plan", implying that this demon is meant to be able to destroy an area on a large scale. The demon is noted to have one arm bigger than the other and can use said arm to punch a hole clean through stone. This demon, however, never was able to fully explore its powers because of Discord being overpowered by the sister Goddesses and then encased in stone.  Cole from Fist Full of Iron has been turned into one of these. The Anung Un Rama looks similar to Hellboy.