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Disharmony is a character that appears in Havoc (story). She is an old and powerful draconequus who has joined the chessgame of the gods to take revenge on Discord, with Havoc as her piece.

Her canon status is non-canon.


Disharmony can change her appearance at will, but she prefers certain forms. When she appears in Equestria her body build is similar to Discord's, changing the creatures she is "made of":

  • Serpentine torso covered in scales, each scale of a different color.
  • Dolphin tail.
  • Eight fingered yellow monkey’s left arm.
  • Left leg made of living lava partially covered by stones.
  • Camel right leg.
  • Two dragonfly left wings.
  • Grey vulture right wing.
  • Ram left horn
  • Orange "troll" horn shaped like a sickle pointing upwards.

On Earth she takes the form of the human woman Shay Nimrod. She looks like a thirty-something years old woman with a terrible sense of fashion.


Disharmony is cold and arrogant. She is very impatient when compared to most gods and godesses, which makes her more patient than most mortals. She never forgets an affront, and she will go to great lengths to take revenge on her enemies.


The life of Disharmony is mostly unknown and what is known has been revealed by herself. Due to this, the veracity and accuracy of this section can't be guaranteed.

She has stated that she's older than Discord, and that she once was the most powerful beings in "the planes". According to her, a group of draconequi, including Discord, who she calls the "newborns" betrayed her in the past, stripping her from her powers. She managed to "make each of them pay" save for Discord. Now, with her powers still returning to her, she has joined the chessgame of the gods in order to finish her revenge on the last of her enemies.

Powers and abilities[]

Disharmony is a draconequus, so she supposedly has the same powers as Discord, including the ability of altering reality at her will.

Her complaints regarding how powerful Discord is reveal that she is weaker than him, but not how much. She is powerful enough to break King Sombra's dark crystals, but that's as much as it's known by now. She can affect Havoc without having to enter Equis with a physical form, but that might be due to her being the one who "created" his draconequus body.


Havoc: her piece. She dislikes him because he doesn't meet her expectations, but she is willing to help as much as she can without breaking the rules of the game, as he is her only chance of taking revenge on Discord.

Discord: he joined a group of draconequi and stole her power. She hates him and will do anything she can in order to take revenge on him.