The Dragon Badlands is northeast of Equestria, one of six lands surrounding the peaceful country. It is full of lava flows, active volcanoes and angry, slaving, tirbute-demandng dragons. [Needs more work]


The dragon badlands is the dragon homeland. Long before the Chess Game took place, Bahamut the Platinum Dragon ruled as High King of the dragons During his reign there was peace and the kingdom was not a wasteland as it is today. Harmony interconnected all the regions then and the Dragonlands were filled with green pastures and many races, not just dragons.

The previous name of this chunk of serene land was T'Rell-Vadriz(The Land of Glittering Scales), and boasted some of the most beautiful landscapes and sights; one of these sights being Castle Vadriz. Over the course of The Fall of Dragonkind, however, these lucious plains devolved into a molten crag of greed, pride, and arrogance.

Notable LocationsEdit

Castle Vadriz: It is joked that it would take a pony explorer a whole month to climb the entirety of Castle Vadriz, since it is, essentially, a castle made to house dragons. The castle itself is massive in terms of height and width, breaking through the clouds with even the smallest of it's towers. It is cathedral-styled, with precious stained-glass coating every forseeable orifice used as a window. Marble makes up its build, even though snippets of gold can be seen here and there.

The Barren Womb: This stretch of scorched earth stretches all the way from right to left across the entire Badlands. Every crack and crevice inside this stretch of dead land leads to a long plummet, either ending in quick incineration to non-dragons or a hearty crunch of broken body. The son of Ragnarok, Relius, was the one who named this strech of land as such; for it is meant to symbolize his fruitless revitalization attempts towards the dragons.