Griffin is the protegonist of Griffin the Griffin and Falling Feathers. He was brought to Equestria by Hades ( Revealed in Falling Feathers ). Griffin was turned into a Griffin.
GTG Cover
Griffin Petras
Name Griffin Petras
Alias Griffin

Griffin North


Race Griffin
Birthday 19th of March
Age 20
Gender Male
Height asd
Residence Currently Nowhere
Relatives Gilda (Girlfriend)

Seth (Son) Hades (Great Grand-father)

Allegiance The Griffin Pirate, Griffin Dominion

Canon Status: Canon in Griffin the Griffin, Deutrocanon in Falling Feathers

Main Theme: Satellite by Rise Against


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  • Clothing
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Build
  • Facial Features
  • Additional Features ie. Claws, Tail, Whatever is Needed etc.


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  • Education
  • Childhood
  • Trial and Tribulations

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Strength: It's likely that he his strength is average to that of an ordinary Griffin.
  • Speed: Griffin is not only faster in the air but also on land and he is also quite acrobatic too. making him one of the agilest Chess Pieces up to date.
  • Stealth: He's very sneaky when in comes to stealth and he's always full of surprises that his foes don't see it coming.
  • Enhanced sight: Griffin can see things farther than anypony.
  • Magical: He mainly uses gems that contains magic. these gems have elemental powers depending on the environment he's in. Some of them can even be use to make music like how he was using them to let everypony hear what he's listening to.
  • Inheritant


  • Weapons: Hades: He names it after the Greek God of Death. This sword was made from the scale of a Black Dragon as it was capable of cutting up everything in his path. It's Also fire proof, indestructible and he can use it as a shield
  • Chemicals: he has lots of them. poison, fire, water, air, etc.
  • Vehicles: The Possibility: A floating airship that he and the Griffin Pirates use to travel through Equuis.


  • Love Insterest
  • Friends
  • Rivals
  • Enemies

Appearance in Other StoriesEdit





  • He's afraid of Spiders
  • He has a son name Seth
  • His favorite Music is Rock, Symphony and Techno


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