Guffaw is the protagonist of Guffaw at the Grossly. She's a young draconequus.

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Guffaw 2 by mattinix-d70y1ki
Name Guffaw
Alias Chuckles
Race Draconequus
Age Several thousand years
Gender Female
Height 7ft 1 in (216cm)
Weight You don't ask a lady her weight!
Residence The Nexus
Relatives None
Allegiance Herself


As a draconequus, her body is composed of several different parts. She has:

  • Feline head, with white fur and similar to a bast/Khajiit's. Her irises change color at random.
  • Snake body, with scales that can change color like a chameleon's.
  • Insectoid right arm, covered in black chitine and with three fingers.
  • Living-water left arm, it can change shape and become ice or vapour.
  • Robotic right leg, similar to a human leg's bones, but ending in a claw and painted neon green with pink dots.
  • Female human left leg, wearing a black fishnet and a red high-heeled shoe.
  • Hummingbird right wing.
  • Albatross left wing.
  • Her tail is actually a kraken's tentacle, with its suction cups having curved hooks.


Guffaw only cares about having fun. She is very impatient and hyper. She also has no ethical code to rule her actions, so there is not a single thing she won't do if she thinks that it will be amusing. She likes watching people fight, but she only joins the fight herself if she's really bored.


Guffaw has lived for several millenia in the Nexus, from where she has watched uncountable physical dimensions. Thanks to this she has a vast theoretical knowledge of everything she finds interesting, such as the mating habits of zhkkriaaanii, martial arts and human music.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Chaos magic: her powers are the same as Discord's. She can alter reality and mold it as she wishes. She is, however, far less powerful, so the effects of her magic aren't as long-lasting and affect a smaller area.
  • Magic limit: due to the rules of the game, she's been forbidden from using her magic on herself. Due to this, she can't use magic to heal her injuries, teleport or change her size. The magic that allows her to levitate counts as natural, so it isn't forbidden.


  • Discord: she is his champion. They get along well because they both greatly enjoy chaos and disharmony, being draconequus.

Appearance in Other StoriesEdit

None yet.


"That sounds like... FUN!"