Guffaw at the Grossly's cover art (totally taken from Havoc).

Guffaw at the Grossly is a story written by Weeeman. It follows Guffaw the draconequus during her time as a piece for Discord in the prequel game.

It's canon status is: prequel.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Guffaw: the protagonist. She's a young draconequus that found Equis by chance and who joined the game because it "sounded like fun."
  • Discord: Guffaw's god. He can talk with her via telepathy, so he helps her as much as he can without breaking the rules of the game.


Guffaw is watching a dimension from the Nexus like all the other draconequi until she detects traces of magic that show that another draconequus physically entered a physical dimension centuries ago. She does the same out of curiosity and is found by Discord just as she's shaping her body. He offers her to become his champion for the chessgame of the gods started by Tirek and Faust, which she accepts once he convinces her that it's a fun game.


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