THe Hygorrkon is considered the least intelligent of the sapient beings in the multiverse. It is a twin headed draconic creature, of great destructive potential that is more often than not wasted due to its stupidity.


A relatively fat two headed dragon.

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Personality Edit

Stupid and aggressive.


The hygorrkon was created by Choas, the Idiot God, as an avatar of stupidity. It is impossible to permanently destroy, as whenever it's mortal body is slayed, his soul is transferred to a brand new body in a different point in space and time.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Fire breath
  • Draconic scales
  • "Immortality"
  • He can't speak very well.


  • Tirek: TIrek once attempted to employ the hygorrkon as a servant, but its idiocy made him deeply regret that decision.