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A simple image representing the IRC chats.

From the very early days of the Chessverse, IRC chatting has played a major role in allowing all the authors to converse on a plethora of topics. Only a few of those topics actually applied to the real stories...

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Rules of the ChatEdit

Please be mature and respectful while in the chat.

  1. The following are NOT ALLOWED: trolling, arguing, insulting, flaming, spamming, or being an idiot in general. You will be given a single verbal warning by a chat moderator. If the behavior continues, you will be kicked from the chat for a day. Being kicked three times will result in a permanent BAN from that IRC.
  2. As not all members of the group are over the age of 18, please tag all risque or NSFW art, videos, or stories appropriately. If it is outright pornographic, stick to sharing via PM or query. Verbal warnings will be given, but if it becomes a repeated offense, you will be kicked.

Main ChatEdit

  1. Chessgameofthegods

18+ RP ChannelEdit

  1. chessverseRP


  1. chessverse (Rarely, if ever, used)
  2. chessgameRP (Rarely, if ever used. 18+ RP is not allowed in this chat.)