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Biological ImmortalityEdit

The character is immortal because (s)he doesn't age, nor does (s)he usually sicken. This character will never die from natural causes.

This is frequently a racial trait.

Example: Windigoes that are born as a Lord Windigo.

Known methods for achieving:

1. Be born as one.

Retroactive ImmortalityEdit

A character can die, but won't stay dead.

Examples: Marty Stu, Adam.

Known methods for achieving:

(Please contribute)

Incomplete ImmortalityEdit

These are usually those with eternal life without youth, or the undead.

Examples: Daniel Fortesque

Known methods of achieving:

Warden Draught

The 'Night Shift' Ritual[also comes with monster-like tertiary traits]

Becoming an Eidolon[Requires you to have already died]

Complete ImmortalityEdit

A character can't die, ever.

Examples: Firefly, Gods.

Known methods for achieving:

1. Break 7th Speed Barrier of Equestria.

Contractual ImmortalityEdit

A form of Plot Armor.

Examples: The Mane Six, A lot of chess pieces.

Known methods for achieving:

1. Be a main character and never write the character's death.

2. Upload your character to the internet.

3. ????

4. Profit!!!