Ivan Marks is a chesspiece turned into a zebra by a zebra spider god named Malice. He is male and he is 17-18 years old. He is the main character of A Broken Peace, written by 7-4 .

Canon Status: Canon

Main Theme: Monster by Skillet


A zebra with blue eyes that seem to stare in your soul. Looks a little rough around the edges, covered in tiny scars with a large one on his chest and another large one on his back. Has a spidery looking mark on his flank 


All in all Ivan is a very unpredictable and very clearly depraved character. Extreme caution is advised in facing him, as he may smile at one moment and kill you the next.


See A Broken Peace


Zebra Magic - Can channel magic through various objects to cast spells.      

Meta as Hell - Gives him an odd sort of pre-judgment based on how the narrative is flowing.      

Soul Mage - Ivan can, in a limited fashion, manipulate those around him in a mostly subconscious manner. This is a polarizing ability, people either like Ivan or hate Ivan. Ivan can consume souls for a quick power boost, though doing so affects his sanity.

Spider Friend - As a quirk of fate and of Malice existing in his head, Ivan will seldom have an encounter with spiders, and if he does, it will not be of a violent nature unless he starts it.  


  • The Scourge: An incredibly beaten up airship that has been converted to steam power. Ivan killed it's last owners, some diamond dog slavers.


Ivan's relationships are hard to describe seeing as he is incredibly psychotic due to Malice's influence

  • Malice: Resident, head-dwelling deity, Malice affects almost all of Ivan's perceptions about he world and is slowly driving him insane.
  • Catastrophe: Ivan is deeply in love with Catastrophe and the reverse is also true. Whether or not Ivan's feelings are because of Malice remains to be seen.
  • Canary: Canary is the the medic of Ivan's group ad a seemingly close friend, though he often feels unnoticed.
  • Boss: Boss is a neutered diamond dog female, who is also a friend to Ivan and joins him on his journey.

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