Kingside High Artwork
Kingside High was a crossover high school AU story, featuring characters from various Chessgame stories and worked on by a large assortment of authors. It was co-directed by RLYoshi and SwiftEthan. It has a TVTropes article here.

This story is non-canon, and thus none of what happens in it affects the other stories, and vice versa.

The story has been cancelled.


The story begins with the first day of school in which the students, both new and veterans, learn who their roommates are and what schedule do they have.

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Main Characters & Differences With Canon VersionEdit

Aniseed Vortexmouth, from TheAirHideous's For The Swarm

Havoc, from Weeeman's Havoc. In Kingside High, Havoc is 2 meters tall, instead of 3, and has no beard. He also is much weaker, as he can't transform into his animal forms, and his chaos magic is limited to telekinesis, fire breathing and doing impossible things because they are comical.

Catastrophe, from 7-4's A Broken Peace

Jack Khajiit, from Fordregha's Through Feline Eyes

Arrell Ragnarok, from RLYoshi's To Err is Equine. In Kingside High, Arrell is a Warrior Windigo rather than a Lord; he was also created like most Windigoes rather than birthed. He acts much quieter and more introverted than he does in his original story, and is rather easily frightened or at least made nervous.

Knightmare DemonBane, from JJ Malcolm's From Nobody to Knightmare

Zeta, from Cloud_Surfer's The Bounty Catching, Freedom Dreaming, Winged Wolf Phenomenon

Vixen, from Dyon's Advent of Victory

Griffin North, from BlackWing's Griffin the Griffin

Trace Abigail, from Doctor D's Calamity Hound Overture, Cascade Ominence, Benign Overlord