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Sir Knightmare DemonBane is the main heroic character of the story 'From Nobody to Knightmare' by JJ Malcolm

Main Theme: Metalizer by Sabaton

Theodore Wilkins
Name Theodore Wilkins
Alias Sir Knightmare DemonBane
Race Breeder-Type Changeling(Formerly Human)
Birthday N/A
Age Approx. 85
Gender Male(Most of the Time)
Height Changeling: Short(Approx. 4'5")

Human: Tall(Approx. 6'6")

Weight Changeling: 125 lbs.

Human: 306 lbs.

Residence The highways and biways of Equestria and the lands beyond.
Relatives His band, Princess Celestia, and the Dark Elements of Harmony
Allegiance The side of Good, no matter who they may be.


Knightmare, in his changeling form, is a short, wiry insectoid equine preferring to take a somewhat humanoid shape, though, being a changeling, he can and will change this at will.  He's often seen wearing an elongated ringmaster's jacket and a magical tophat containing the ghost of Combat Drone #516.

As a human?

Knightmare human

He looks like this


Knightmare is hyperactive, silly, goofy, and more than a bit of a dork. He's also somewhat perverse but that's more due to his being a Breeder changeling. He's also honorable, doesn't like to lie and chivalrous. It's common for him to call this 'White Knighting', after the internet term, but it's more accurate that he simply enjoys being a gentleman whenever he can.

In combat, Knightmare's personality takes a kick to the extreme, going from 'merely' hyperactive to downright light-speed. He fights like how he sings: loud, hard, and very fast. He absolutely refuses to 'stay put' at all, let alone for very long, and will often use his four wings individually, playing out a song with his buzzing and using the erratic air currents generated to constantly keep mobilized and out of range of any attacks. He is a very non-defensive fighter, preferring to hazzle enemies from a distance and keep them focussed on him before going in for a hard-hitting blow. 

When angered, genuinely angered, however, Knightmare's silliness stops entirely. No more taunting, no more jokes, no more singing.  He goes in for full-force strikes that can do as much damage as possible, preferring to take down, if not kill the target.  

This attitude shift often coincides with shifting into his fully human form and is considered by his companions to be 'really honestly kinda scary', in the words of Prince-Regeant Shining Armor.

It's believed that this aggressive nature being associated with his human form stems mainly from constant and consistent mental and emotional trauma from his life as a human, causing him to, subconsciously, view his human self as more violent and dangerous. Considering the history derived from his recovered memories, there's significant evidence to corroborate with this theory that it may well be true, one does not gain a body count in the quadruple digits without being at least slightly unstable.


Born Theodore Wilkins approx' 85 years ago, 'Ted' lived a happy life up until the age of 5, when an event [yet to be disclosed in canon] caused the loss of his family, resulting in him becoming an orphan.  Sicne then he had been obsessed with supernatural entities known as 'The UnSeelie Fae' and has worked to fight against them using a combination of magic and technology.

After nearly seventy years, 'Unkillable' Theodore Wilkins was taken down by the SCP Foundation due to his unique traits. To keep him from 'Crossing the Able Line', his memory all the way back to his childhood was locked down, unable to be fully wiped away due to mind-protection magic.  

Since then, he has lived under the false belief that he's always been 'Agent Wilkins' of the SCP foundation, up until an event involving time travel, a talking zebra and his sadistic griffin girlfriend, and an annoyingly stupid killer robot, Ted was sent to be the 'chosen one' of Princess Celestia in the Chessgame of the Gods.  Now living under the name she gave him, 'Knightmare', Ted has done his best to both acclimate to his new life as Celestia's prsonal soldier, as well as using the 'Dream World' Luna created for him to recover his lost memories by force.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Knightmare has numerous abilities stemming from his Boons, as well as natural changeling skills and human abilities.

Divine BoonsEdit

These are abilities he's gained from Princess Celestia and other simmilarly divine entities in the Chessgame

  • He obtained the ability to regenerate fasterfrom any wound while he's in sunlight than a normal changeling would under normal circumstances. This was given by Princess Celestia.
  • He also obtained via loophole, albeit at the cost of multiple sudden battles, the ability to take non-biological forms from Princess Celestia. (An ability mainly possessed by Pandoran changelings.)
  • After 'The Smooze', he obtained the ability to cast more advanced spells from Queen Chrysalis.
  • He obtained the ability to Overclock from Princess Luna via Twinkle.  This was later amplified by Princess Nyx.

Innate Changeling SkillsEdit

These are skills natural to Chryssalian[black] Changelings

  • Knightmare can shift into any imaginable form of biological entity, gaining the innate abilities/special skills of said form.
  • Kngihtmare can take SOME non-biological forms, such as his 'LAHIRE' form
  • Knightmare can be fed and healed by love of any kind, though freely given love feeds him best.
  • Knightmare is extremely fast, durable, and quick of thought.

Human AbilitiesEdit

These are skills he's obtained in his human life

  • Knightmare has in-depth knowledge of human weaponry and combat tactics.
  • Knightmare can, and will, think outside the box for solutions, especially if they're better options.
  • Knightmare has mastered several forms of human-use magic such as thaumatic forging, (similar to Princess Luna's 'Lunar Forge', albeit on a smaller scale) and various degrees of alchemy.

Learned SkillsEdit

The following are skills and abilities he's obtained since the beginning of the ChessGame, as well as munitions for the Aether Rifle he's located/developed.


Bow/Gun techniquesEdit

Forward Artillery
Needle Shower
Flying Swallows
Rain of Death
Carpet Bomber
Main Gun

Hand-to-Hand TechniquesEdit

Bloody Knuckles
Lightning Kick
Whirlwind Kick
Rolling Slam
Flip Thrust
Moonsault Stomp
Giant Swing
Tiger Driver 91
Northern Lights
Mental Barrier
Sparkly Feet
Cough Drop
Fist of the Norse Star
Flips of Thunder
Power Combo
Gravity Drop

HandAxe TechniquesEdit

Deep Slice
Axe Bomb
Electronic Yo-Yo
Bird of Prey
Salmon Upstream
Rising Sun
Cutting Pine
Axe Bomber
Black Wings
Boulder Dash
Orbiting Blades
Cross Strike
True Strike
Dynamite X
Time Burst

GreatAxe TechniquesEdit

Rising Claw
Flying Sawblades
Rolling Throw
Blurred Axe
Rising Crush
Spiral Wave
Divine Right
Spinning Hawk
Tidal Wave
Angelic Lumberjack
Buzzsaw of Doom
Sparkling Rampage

Shortsword TechniquesEdit

Iai Strike
Cutting Bamboo
Rising Sun
Triple Tiger
Blade Launcher
Cutting Pine
Bird of Prey
Cross Strike
Tiger Claw
Clean Sweep
Dragon's Tail
Orbiting Blades
Motion of Truth
Smashing Blades
Invisible Death
Dynamite X
Terminal Velocity
Golden Dragon

Greatsword TechniquesEdit

Lunging Arc
Rising Crush
Spiral Wave
Shish Kebob
Shield Breaker
Rain of Blood
Bring It On
Marble Stream
Beautiful Three
Triple Offense
Deep Swing
Raging Pain

Aether Rifle MunitionsEdit

to be added soon


Like all chess Pieces, Knightmare has an assortment of dedicated equipment he utilizes both in and out of combat.

Melee WeaponsEdit

Name: Nyx, The Dark Thunder

Weapon type: Battle Axe/Bardic Guitar

Special traits: Strings of lightning, can channel magic, serves as a home/body for Princess Nyx, AKA Nightmare Moon

Name: Sol Invicta, The Unconquerable Sun

Type: Mage-Blade

Special Traits: One of two gifts from Lauren Faust, representing Princess Celestia.  Fire/Holy-elemental ultralight longsword.  Blade made of solid light that hurts very evil and/or shadow-elemental entities just from proximity.  Can be dual-wielded with 'Lune Pertinax' the Unyielding Moon.

Name: Lune Pertinax, The Unyielding Moon

Type: Mage-Blade

Special Traits: One of two gifts from Lauren Faust, representing Princess Luna of the Moon.  Ice/Shadow elemental that allows the wielder to hide in darkness, no matter how impossible it should be.  Defensive counterpart to the more offence-oriented Sol Invicta.

The Overclocked forms of Sol Invicta and Lune Pertinax.  These grant Kngihtmare access to the higher-grade Shortsword and Greatsword Mage-Techniques, as well as the team-attack with Griffin and Aoi known as 'Ultimate Omnislash'.

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Name: Aether Rifle

AKA Clockwork Assault Rifle

Type: rapid-fire magi-tech rifle powered by clockwork parts

Special traits: Specialised magical munitions randing from explosive, to rapid-growrth, extremely high rate of fire.

Name: Twinkle, The Spark of Magic

Type: Magic staff

Special Traits: Allows for 'Overclocking', and voice amplification.  Can cast max-level Magic Missile once every 30 seconds.  Borderline indestructable.


Special Equipment: Mount

Name: Princess Nyx Nocte 'Nightmare Moon' Everfree

Species: Alicorn[Nightmare]

Special abilities: Most powerful mare in the world, super-alicorn strength, nigh-invulnerability, font of raw magic, capable of inducing Overclock state in the rider, capable of speeds in excess of 500 MPH in a dead sprint and sustaining those velocities indevinitely with little effort.

Name: Ragnarok

Type: Airship, Ultralight Destroyer

Special traits: Over 40,000 years old, created with Warden techology, originally piloted by Megan, the First ChessPiece, equipped with 16 Heavy machineguns, 8 on each side, and a motor-controlled blade on the bow of the ship that doubles as a highly-accurate high-powered magical laser cannon.  Capable of breaking the first Speed Barrier when running in an overclocked state, powered by ambient magic.


Post EndGame:  Married to: Princess Nyx Nocte Everfree[possibly to Chrysalis and Celestia as well, though this may change]

Companions with: The Dark Elements of Harmony, The Champions

Appearance in other storiesEdit




Numerous small mentions.


  • Knightmare's equestrian name is derived from the 'fairy Chess Piece' known as the Knightmare [a variation of a Knight with greater movement range, but weaker than a pawn, fitting Kngihtmare's frailty in combat and reliance upon speed and mobility to survive.]


As with [almost] all Chess Pieces, Knightmare has obtained several titles relating to who he is and what he is capable of.

Titles include:

  • Sir Knightmare DemonBane[His Knightly status and title, referencing his landing the final blow against a Nightmare-possessed Octavia]
  • The Paladin of the Sun [Most civillians view his status as Celestia's chess piece in much the manner Paladins tended to be viewed, as 'Holy Warriors']
  • The High-General[As much a military rank as a title, he managed to earn this in the  Changeling Colleseum after three days of non-stop combat against other changelings vying for the newly opened position of the queen's right-hoof soldier.
  • Hellbreech [Knightmare has, on at least two known occasions, entered Tartarus of his own free will, without setting off any traps or defences, nor alerting any guards, for various reasons[The first was to rescue Drone after a botched exorcism nearly destroyed her soul, the other incident involved Griffin, Trixie, and a new branch of magic he was dabbling in]
  • The Grandmaster [Knightmare's intense stage presence and penchant for showing off has caused many to view his fights, even his more serious battles, kin to a circus act or stage show, due to his penchant for flashiness and, in general, making fights awesome]
  • Unkillable Ted [A title from his life as a human, this was his nickname amongst other SCP agents, since strange luck followed him, often saving him from death by causing grievous injury.]
  • The Legend of Wooley Swamp [another pre-Equestrian title.  Knightmare had managed to corner a number of Fae working with human terroriists hiding in a louisianna bayou known as 'Wooley Swamp'.  His status as a legend is because no one knew who managed to kill so many undetected until he, himself, revealed it.
  • The Slayer of Saigon [Yet another pre-equestrian title, this one deriving from his trials during the vietnam war, serving as both a US soldier and continuing his one-man-war against the UnSeelie.  Even without the Fae being counted, he obtained the highest body count of enemy troops of any soldier, and managed to be the only one to not harm a civillian during the gruesome battle.  Counting the fae?  He has a higher body count in that single battle than any one soldier in history.]


"I'm about to do something STUPID!" When Knightmare has a genius plan that, even to him, sounds like a really bad idea.

"Just using some Minecraft Logic." When Knightmare makes use of magic and a bit of insanity to simplify a complex problem.


"Do you have a clue who you are DEALING WITH!?"

"That's IT!  Now I'm MAD!"