Since the wiki has grown big, the original categories are limited. Here is an open list of suggested categories you should add to your page. If you come up with a new category that you thing we should add to the wiki in order to properly organize pages please feel free to let us know.

Main categoriesEdit

These are the categories which give a general idea of where your page should be located.

  • Characters: for the characters (duh). It doesn't matter if they are from the show, Original Characters or chesspieces.
  • Story: for the stories (obviously).
  • World: for the articles that explain the chessgame of the gods' universe. This includes pages about species, history, nations, magic, places and more.
  • Meta: for the rules and articles that don't deal directly with the chessverse.
  • All: this is a category to help us keep a record of the pages and make sure there are no "lost pages". Since I (Weeeman) have learned how to find lost pages this category is no longer necessary.

Character categoriesEdit

These are some suggested categories for any character page:

  • Pieces: for the characters that are chesspieces.
  • OC: for characters that have been created by a chessverse author.
  • Show: for characters from the show, such as Fluttershy and Princess Luna.
  • Fanon: for characters that have been created by fans that are not authors of the chessverse, such as Button Mash or Nyx.
  • Canon: for characters that have been added to the canon timeline. Deuterocanon also count as canon since they appeared at some point.
  • Prequel: for characters that appear in the prequel stories, such as Megan and Faust.
  • Noncanon: for characters that are not canon to the other stories, such as Havoc.
  • Deceased.
  • Alive.
  • God: for characters that are players of the chessgame, such as Discord and Faust.
  • Cancelled: for characters whose stories have been cancelled.
  • Deuterocanon: for characters considered deuterocanon, such as Griffin the griffin.
  • Protagonist.
  • Villain.

Story categoriesEdit

These are some suggested categories for any story page:

  • Canon
  • Deuterocanon
  • Unsorted
  • Noncanon
  • Cancelled
  • Prequel
  • Complete
  • Incomplete

World categoriesEdit

These are some suggested categories for any world page:

  • Location: Ghastly Gorge, Everfree Forest, etc.
  • City: Ponyville, Stalliongrad, etc.
  • Country: Equestria, Gem Fido, etc.
  • Race: for sapient creatures, such as ponies and diamond dogs.
  • Beast: for non-sapient creatures, such as parasprites and manticores
  • History.
  • Lore: for explanations about magic, technology and culture.
  • Items: for weapons, ships, artifacts and such things.
  • Canon
  • Noncanon
  • Deuterocanon


Since the meta category is small there's no need to add subcategories. This is an improvised list of categories so if you want to add new ones send a PM to either Weeeman or Thethhron on fimfiction explaining why you think your category should be added.