A list of all the songs appearing in the Chess Game Universe.



A Broken Piece

The Bounty Catching, Freedom Dreaming, Winged Wolf Phenomenon

Dark Body, Light Soul ( Or the Tale of the Stalfos )

Dreaming of PawsEdit

Fist Full of IronEdit

From Order to Chaos

Fudge: A Minotaur's LamentEdit

Griffin the GriffinEdit

A Marty Stu invades the Multiverse ( Chess Game of the God )

Silas EpistaEdit

Two Minds

Wild Card


Guffaw at the Grossly


The Ballad of Echo The Diamond Dog

The Blue Stranger, The Red CurtainEdit

Embrace the Darkness , Carpe Noctem

Falling Feathers

From Nobody to KnightmareEdit

My'ouve Gotta Be Kidding Me

Non canonEdit

Aoi: Agent of Chaos:


Flight of the Valkyrie

FNTK: Other Realms


  • Baby (Death Metal Version) by Justin Bieber - Ch.8
  • Baby by Justin Bieber - Ch.12 (YES, IT APPEARS TWICE)

Outcast of a Hivemind

To Err is Equine

The Smokeless Flame

Travels of a Hunter

Other storiesEdit


Equestria Digital

An Equestrian Edda

The Guardian Shadow

Skeletons of the past

This is not helping


A Voice Like Water


A Seapony's Tale: Ceren's Descent

The Tales Of Colossus

Leather-Winged Oddity

DK Has a Big Heart

Deductive Synthesis

  • Spiral From Red vs Blue OST - Ch. 2

The Chronicles of Flynt

Strength of a Brother's Bond