Mm121 forge
A legendary magical blacksmith workshop created, owned, and maintained by Princess Luna located deep within Canterlot Castle's lowest areas.


It is five stories tall. It has four massive funneling pipes for air flow, and to pump molten magma from beneath the crust of Equis.

It uses blue Lunar Hellfire for heating, and the Four Winds for oxygen.

It magically strips the molten magma into its component parts to be used for forging such as Arcanite, Magicite, Adamantite, Mithril Silver, EinLanzium and gems of the most flawless form. The metals are formed into ingots.

It is maintained by golems created by Forgemistress Luna, who handles all of the crafting and creation.

Items CreatedEdit

So far well over five thousand magical arms, armor, and trinkets have been created within the Lunar Forge, including the Mane Six's magical Knightly Weapons, Knightmare's staff, the Genji Gear created for Sir Aoi Myoujin, and a magical blade called the Force Stealer created for Lord-Captain Griffin North.  Currently there is a series of powered armor being created for the Mane Six and the princesses using a combination of magic and technology.