Megan is the leader of a group of humans who have lost their world and society, as it crumbled under an intergalactic civil war.
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Name Megan
Birthday asd
Age 30
Gender Female
Height 5' 7"
Weight asd
Residence asd
Relatives asd
Allegiance asd


  • Megan is the protagonist ofTo Save a Home, a story written by Thethhron.
  • She is a chesspiece for Lauren Faust.
  • She is canon, specifically a part of the prequel.


  • Combat Fatigues
  • Weight
  • Build
  • Facial Features


Megan is a wise and strong leader, who understands the needs of her people and how best to do what is best for them. Due to her position, Megan is quite contemplative, often thinking far ahead of the current situation to figure out what she should do to reach her desired end. In casual situations, Megan is surprisingly bookish, though she has no problem relating to people and engaging in pleasant conversation. She has a few close friends, each with their own position and understanding of how to help the humans in her charge.


Megan has lived to see the fall of her world due to a civil war in the human empire and lead her people out and into the vastness of space. In the single ship of 5000 humans leftover, no one has had much issue with Megan’s leadership during their 5 or so years since their exodus. Megan was not born into any royal line but was made leader shortly before the fall of the world due to the previous leader dying. Megan, beyond being the leader of her cast out people, is also a trained soldier, the best that these humans have to offer, hence her leadership.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Blond hair, Highly toned body, around 5’ 7” in height, Megan is trained in a wide variety of personal combat arts and many different types of weapons, such that she can find something to use as at least a crude weapon in nearly any environment, though the quality of the weapon may not be able to withstand her usage of it. She is not the strongest of her race but can certainly lift much more than the average Warden; likely she could lift a good 90 kgs with only mild difficulty, also due in part to the higher gravity on her previous homeworld and the ship conditions when compared to Equis.


  • Various items for survival, such as a basic first aid kit.
  • Combat Knife


  • Bahamut is a good friend to Megan, engaging her curiosity about Equis, even as she engages his curiosity about her time in space.
  • Rivals
  • Enemies

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