Screwball is the secondary character in Havoc (Story)

she sent by Discord to kill Havoc believing that he is as evil as she is.


Appearance Edit

She has a pink coat, a purple mane with a white streak, She even wears a beanie. Her eyes are swirly but when she put on contacts, her eyes are normal.

In her Draconaqiuus form, she her body is the same as Discord's but with a different color scheme.

  • A Deer antler on the left
  • A Unicorn horn on the right
  • A pink Lion paw on the right
  • A Eagle talon on the left
  • A lavender Bear torso
  • A purple Dragon leg on the left
  • A pink Horse leg on the right
  • A pink Serpent tail with fluff

Personality Edit

She is a very wild, silly and chaotic earth pony. Despite those traits, she can take things serious no matter the situation. sometimes she can joke and other times she can't. She acts like an adult even if she's a filly but she doesn't care. When she gets mad, she will show no mercy. She was also shown to be annoyed by Havoc's antics a bit but still likes him after Discord told her to watch him if Disharmony forces him to do her bidding.

History Edit

Screwball has been orphan for as long as she can remember. She didn't have any friends and was considered an odd one. She got a book about how she learned about Chaos magic and met Discord who adopted her as a daughter and they bonded quite well.

She was sent by Discord to kill Havoc for being Disharmony's piece. She fought him twice. The first time was a draw and the second one was where she beat him but she failed to kill him. a few months later she was sent by Discord to go and protect Havoc and become friends with him. Havoc didn't like it at first and wanted to beat her up but remind him that if he kills her, Discord will know and he'll find and kill Havoc. He decided to let his hatred towards Screwball go and become friends ( even if they are having a hard time with each other )

Powers and Abilities Edit

Chaos Magic - Despite being an earth pony, she can do Chaos magic as much as Havoc can but she has limits like him.

Summons - She can summon anyone or anything she wants like Black Hole for example.

Shape Shifting - It's likely she can shape shift into anything.

Invisibility - She can turn Invisible to avoid being seen during the war with Havoc

Super Strength - It's possible that she is super strong but it's unknown how strong she is.

Teleport - She Teleports like Discord

Chaos Sense - She can sense any type of chaos around her like Discord and Havoc.

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