Signal Island was founded after the beginning of the Chess Game by Griffin the griffin, just off the coast of the Equestrian continent, on a previously uninhabited Zebrican Isle.


After Griffin the griffin began his war on slavery, he scouted out this island off the coast of the Equestrian continent, having spent the previous months flying around the Zebrican Isle belt that encircles Equis. This was originally the 47th island charted by the Griffin Pirates. He left a number of the freed slaves there to begin building a town and as he went about, more and more freed slaves and related family members journeyed to the as of yet unnamed island. A number of special upgrades were added to the town, such as a light house that also functions as a massive magical laser. This ability has yet to be put to use. On a return trip, Griffin christened the island Signal, to be a signal to slavers that Griffin was coming for them. Many slaves Griffin freed have traveled to and live in Signal, not just griffins. Signal also has the support of Equestria's government, receiving food and other supplies for the upkeep of the ever-expanding town. All are welcome there so long as they behave. Due to Griffin's recruitment tour, a large number of pony workers have joined the ranks of guradsman and workers helping to build up the island and keep it running.

Important CharactersEdit

  • Mayor Bluebeak