The Champions in all their glory

The Champions of the World, the merry band of musical misfits and would-be heroes that have allied with Knightmare in their quest for peace, harmony, and happiness for all via music and force-of-arms.

The band's name comes from the title of the first song they sang as a group, back in Ponyville, 'We are the Champions' by Queen.

Meet The ChampionsEdit

Queen Chrysalis Glasswing

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Queen chrysalis wip by angelthecatgirl-d5jvw9x

Queen Chrysalis Glasswing
Name Queen Chrysalis Glasswing
Alias 'The Queen of Destruction', ChrissiePie, Cherry Chimichanga
Race Changeling[Queen]
Birthday ????
Age Over 40,000 years
Gender Female[Can become hermaphrodite at will]
Height Big
Weight Surprisingly light.
Residence Wherever the buck she feels like. Mostly the city of Volonia
Relatives Every changeling alive[Children], Queen Pandora[Sister], Kngihtmare [Sorta-husband], Nyx[Waifu]
Allegiance Her changelings, and whoever's willing to help them.

Princess Mi Amore CadenzaEdit

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339965 UNOPT safe solo anthro princess-cadance colored sweater artist-kevinsano tie hoofbeat-2 514656b9a4c72df24f000103 artist-hazama

Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
Name Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
Alias Princess Cadance, Cadie-Poo, The Badass Pink Pony Princess
Race [Lesser] Alicorn[Love Goddess]
Birthday ???
Age A few hundred, maybe?
Gender Female[we think]
Height Approx. 4 foot not counting the horn
Weight That's a rude thing to ask!
Residence Crystal Empire Palace, when she's not travelling
Relatives The Royal Family[family], Twilight Sparkle[Sister-in-law], Shining armor[Husband], Queen Chrysalis[Part-time lover]
Allegiance Anyone with love in their hearts

Princess Nyx Nocte Everfree

3827 nightmare-moon painting artist-crappyunicorn

Princess Nyx Nocte 'Nightmare Moon' Everfree, Equestrian form

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Princess Nyx Nocte Everfree vi Equestria
Name Princess Nyx Nocte Everfree vi Equestria
Alias Nightmare Moon, The Nightmare, The dark defender, The Horror[Oh the Horror!]
Race Nightmare[Formerly Alicorn: Goddess of Darkness]
Birthday a looooooooong time ago
Age Older than you think
Gender Female[we hope]
Height Biiiiiiig!
Weight Broke every scale used
Residence Knightmare's guitar
Relatives Royal Family[siblings], Cadance[niece], Knightmare[lover/potential husband], Chrysalis[lover]
Allegiance The forces of Good, and whoever's willing to give her their soul.

Prince-Regeant Shining ArmorEdit

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195637 UNOPT safe crossover shining-armor artist-lamia fire-emblem black-knight

Lyra & Bonbon Heartstrings

58123 safe lyra bonbon artist-furseiseki fighting-pose
11061 shipping suggestive lesbian anthro lyra bonbon breasts bon-bon lyrabon artist-whitmaverick

Octavia Philharmonica-Staccatto

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Vincenza 'Vinyl Scratch' Staccatto

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213209 UNOPT safe anthro vinyl-scratch dj-pon-3 guns artist-morrisoncamaro.jpeg

Applebloom Apple, Scootaloo Chi, Sweetie BelleEdit

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26497 suggestive scootaloo apple-bloom sweetie-belle blushing anthro older adult artist-avante92 alchahol

[The Ghost of] Combat Drone #516, AKA 'Drone'Edit

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299706 UNOPT anthro questionable breasts queen-chrysalis solo-female artist-kloudmutt

Crossovers with other stories.Edit

.....alot. Almost all of them in fact.