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Tirek was the first of the First Evils created by Discord. Known as 'Equestria's Satan', 'The Demon of Hate', 'The Destroyer', 'The Beast in the Shadows', The Gluemaker', and many more titles, this vile monstrosity was literally made of hate, and he was so vile that his blood could and would kill the innocent.
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Artistic rendering of Megan and Firefly escaping from Tirek's fortress, 'Castle Midnight'

Myth VS FactEdit

Often called 'Equestria's Satan' by more religious Chess Pieces, this is fairly accurate for Tirek. He was the first of the First Evils created by Discord's tampering, and the last to be slain in battle. A being so vile and cruel that even Discord was willing to help in take him down, fighting alongside the Wardens as the Elements of Harmony were forged.

Tirek not only knows about humanity, but even thousands of years after his death, holds a grudge against Megan, the young girl who, for a while, lead the Wardens in battle and commanded the Element of Magic.

Unlike most myths with grounds in truth, Tirek was actually made to seem less dangerous over time, often used as a malicious boogyman to scare children into behaving, whereas in truth, he wouldn't hide under a child's bed and scare them when they didn't do their homework, so much as smash through the wall and dissect them alive before turning their parents into ground beef before their still living eyes and letting them bleed out.  The most accurate comparison for humans would be like saying all Hitler did was smack people....

Powers and abilitiesEdit

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Castle MidnightEdit


Photograph of Tirek's Fortress as taken by Puppylove after her interview with Ember/Gemina

Made of pitch black stone and encased thick with unmeltable ice.  The fortress of Tirek, Castle Midnight, excudes an aura of hate and suffering to this day.  Located in the southwesternn Gem fido, the castle is encircled by windigoes numbering in the millions and white dragons lost to a feral mind.  The castle serves as a home for a small den of Diamond Dogs who worship Tirek for reasons unknown.  It is extremely close to the old unicorn kingdom in the northern reaches of the Changeling Wasteland.

The only location deemed more dangerous than this is The Great Battlefield.