To Err is Equine is written by RLYoshi. The main protagonist of this story is Arrell Ragnarok the Windigo.

Canon Status: Deuterocanon (To Err is Equine is canon; the sequel To Forgive, Celestial is non-canon).


Arrell is sent to Equestria, turned into a Windigo in the process. Over time, he travels to various locations searching for a purpose, with other ponies joining with him.

Alterspace and the ArticlesEdit

As of chapter 36, the story's main plot revolves around Alterspace and a series of articles from other dimensions, inspired by Warehouse 13. An article is an object from another universe (such as from a video game, movie, or Internet product) that, when sent through a rift into Alterspace and then to Equestria, gained supernatural powers reflective of its home universe. For example, Ryu's Headband gives incredible fighting skill to whoever wears it, but also makes them constantly look for battles and potentially kill ponies.

More information can be found on the main Alterspace page here.

Main CharactersEdit



  • The title of the story is a slight rewrite of the first half of the saying "To err is human; to forgive, divine".
    • The sequel, naturally, rewrote the second half for the title.
  • This is the first Chessgame of the Gods story with a Windigo as the chess piece. It is also the only one at the moment.
  • Originally Arrell's arrival was to be soon after the Grand Galloping Gala, meaning he would appear sometime in January. Since a chapter taking place mere weeks later involved Hearth's Warming Eve, author RLYoshi changed his time of arrival to sometime in November, several months after the Gala.
  • To Forgive, Celestial was originally going to be canon as well, but RLYoshi decided not to bother trying to make it as such after a while. He wrote it however he wanted and let it become non-canon after a while, though the first story is still canon.