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Zeta is the protagonist of The Bounty Catching, Freedom Dreaming, Winged Wolf Phenomenon. He was brought to Equestria by a currently Eris the Greek Godess of Discord and turned into a Cynogriffin.

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Zeta Chi
Name Zeta Chi
Alias Mark
Race Cynogriffin
Birthday asd
Age asd
Gender Male
Height asd
Weight asd
Residence Ponyville
Relatives Scootaloo Chi (Adopted Daughter)
Allegiance Whoever pays the most


  • A story written by Cloud_Surfer.
  • He is a chesspiece controlled by Eris, who turned him into a cynogriffin. 
  • His canon status is Canon.


  • Height
  • Weight
  • Zeta is basically a large wolf with even larger, powerful wings.
  • Additional Features ie. Claws, Tail, Whatever is Needed etc.


As a cynogriffin, Zeta is ruthless, posessing only a small amount of compassion reserved for a select few individuals. He enjoys his self-chosen job as a mercenary and enjoys killing on occasion. Zeta feels as though he should be concerned by this apparent change from his human self but "can't bring himself to care". In regards to most of his life, Zeta is very calm, doing whatever he needs to accomplish his goal in a cool manner. He has yet to acquire any long term goal in regards to the game, prefering to simply live in Ponyville with his adopted daughter Scootaloo and provide for them with his job.


  • We know the Zeta has some level of college education and was involved in a Zeta Chi fraternity, the basis for his new name.
  • Very little is known about Zeta's time on earth.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Zeta is capable of breaking the third barrier of speed, meaning he can travel at least mach 3 in the air. His land speed has not been noted.
  • Not much else has been noted in a definable fashion regarding Zeta's abilities.


Zeta uses no recognizable equipment, prefer to use his claws and teeth to fight.


  • Scootaloo is Zeta's adopted daughter.
  • Zeta holds a particular disdain for Knightmare the Changeling, due to some time-travelling shenanigans and broken promises.
  • Zeta does not have much in the way of friends, though he has met a few other pieces in the chess game.

Appearance in Other StoriesEdit